I was struggling with some personal blocks which, even after quite a bit of work was not shifting. The work that I did with Fatema helped shift my energy and move me to a better space emotionally as well as professionally and personally.

– Sonal Kothari.

My Journey session yesterday with Fatemaji took me right within, into a space of safety and love. From that space, I was able to overcome a past situation which had been affecting me subconsciously, and was able to forgive the person associated with it.

– Saatvika M.

Two weeks after Physical Journey, when I think back to the memories from my grade school days, any negative emotions that used to come up have all but disappeared. In fact, it now carries a lightness with it.

– Jill M.

A known gynaecologist had diagnosed me with PCOS and a blockage in one of my uterus tubes. After consulting with Fatema, and after undergoing her EFT therapy sessions, I was able to free myself from mental blockages. Later on, I also conceived.

– F.S.

Fatema was able to get to the root of me issues related to fear. She was compassionate and patient as I processed the emotions that came up. She is highly intuitive, and knows how to take you deeper. There was a clear positive change, and I am so grateful to her!

– Amrita Madhusudan

It was a life changing therapy and today I’m a complete different person altogether. I cannot explain in words what my mind and heart feels. It feels very light, relaxed, and free. I feel like a bird flying up in the sky not worried of the winds taking me in which direction.

– Yasmeen

You feel healed by being in her (Fatema’s) presence. She is always ready to extend extra support. Whenever I am in any stressful state, I always find her by my side. She is there till you need her, and till you overcome the situation and heal yourself.

– Neina Agarwall

The power of group therapy was cathartic. Whether it was striding over our emotional blocks or calming every cell in our bodies with these beautiful meditation capsules she (Fatema) engaged us in, empowerment felt real.

– Ritu Nichani Mittal

Fatema Aunty is amazing! The healing is so potent and powerful and she very softly and calmly takes you through them. Even post the sessions she is available for taking all the queries you have so patiently and lovingly.

– Dimple Dhalwani

Working with Fatema has brought about a transformation in my life. I feel like a different person. Even when I have been sceptical about the process, she has patiently guided me through my thoughts to unravel what it is that is really bothering me.

– Madhu Ahuja